5 ways we are changing Feedback with Frankli

5 Ways We Are Changing Feedback With Frankli

In this piece we examine 5 ways we are changing feedback with Frankli. Feedback comes in many forms. But regardless of whether you deliver feedback through a team meeting, a 1:1 or via email, the role it plays in your people and company’s progression is more crucial than ever. If you were never given feedback in your current position, how would it make you feel? For starters, we can feel out of the loop, and when we feel displaced, our overflowing table of work can feel just like that; stagnant, cumbersome and discouraging.

We need to experience return as well as progress and feel part of something with purpose. Most importantly, we need to feel valued in our jobs and know where we stand. Feedback is how we achieve these. It helps to bring the big thinking down to the day to day, showing us best how to contribute. It also fosters relationships and a sense of togetherness that comes with working as a team towards a shared goal.

Like other aspects of our professional lives, how we communicate with various people and generations is changing. So too is our access to technology and what people want from their work. This means our approach to feedback must change also. In line with its importance and these developments, we are changing the goalposts with Frankli when it comes to feedback. We want to adapt to these inevitable changes and support your people.
Here is 5 ways we are changing feedback with Frankli:

1. Ditching Old Habits

It doesn’t matter what way you look at things; standard tactics like annual reviews are not the way of the future. They just don’t cut it as the only means for feedback. We created a platform that allows for the way new generations work such as continuous development, regular check-ins and effective follow-up. There is no time to drop the ball if you want to keep up. Your people and their progression, performance and productivity are all intertwined. To aid them in flourishing, forget the status quo in your environment and respond to the way they work now.

2. Working in Real-Time

If your favourite sports team won the championship, do you want to celebrate at the time or wait until the end of the month? That’s the difference between offering feedback in real-time or waiting until the scheduled reviews. There is merit in striking at the time when something arises as it’s on people’s minds. Therefore, the feedback is much more relatable and impactful than thinking back to that situation months ago when it’s brought up down the line. Celebrate the wins, mark praise as it happens and enjoy the return. Acting when situations are active has a more significant impact, and it also makes communication more meaningful.

3. Focusing on Performance

Depending on the role in a company, your personality and professional style, it will dictate how you rate performance. Chances are, the higher up you go, the more performance-focused you become. According to Gallup, lost productivity by actively disengaged employees costs $450-$550 billion per year. A startling figure but one that we believe feedback plays a crucial role in reducing. Our software allows for cohesion, community and transparency. When everyone’s goals align in a streamlined process, it creates the perfect foundation for useful feedback. It’s what your people take from this can be powered into their productivity and performance.

4. Continuing the Process

If you aren’t consistent with your feedback process, you risk losing people and their efforts along the way. You need to keep the momentum up and sustain it. By giving regular feedback, you can ensure this, just like a check-in keeps everything on track. Feedback in Frankli is one great way of doing this. We don’t replace your system; we support it.

5. Giving People A Channel

One of the main benefits of our software is that it offers your people a transparent communication channel that’s accessible and live at all times. The platform allows space for expressing their views and receiving information but in an environment where their views are heard. They even have the option of giving praise to other team members who work towards this feeling of community and connectivity. This kind of feedback in Frankli is not only inclusive but invaluable.

If you would like to hear how Frankli can help you with giving feedback and praise to your people, get in contact with us today.

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