Our mission at Frankli

We are on a mission to

help businesses have the

most empowered, engaged &

productive people possible.

We are on a mission to

help businesses have the

most empowered, engaged &

productive people possible.

Our mission at Frankli
What we value

We Delight

We constantly do our best for our customers. We listen, we act fast and we exceed their expectations in a consistent, measured way that has impact.

We Care, personally

When it comes to our people, our customers and our community we care personally about their best interests and the impact we have on each as a business.

We Own It

We all feel a sense of ownership of what we do at Frankli. If we come across something that’s broken, we fix it. If something can be better, we say so and look to help improve it.

We value balanced lives

At Frankli, we respect people’s personal time, the need to disconnect from work and the importance of wellbeing and self-care.

We hire for potential

We don’t restrict ourselves by only hiring people with relevant experience. We value people with personality, potential and a growth mindset.

We grow together

We are all in this together. We crave and respect peer feedback, we aim to continuously improve and we support and respect each other's career journey.

Founding Team

Ronan McCabe

Co-Founder & Director - Growth

Ronan is an experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in a wide variety of industries. Passionate about People Management, Leadership & Business Process Automation. Strong professional with a Bachelor ofArts - BA focused in Creative Design & Innovation from IT Sligo.


Noel Dykes

Founder & CEO

Noel is founder and Chief Executive Officer at Frankli. Noel has extensive experience leading and scaling technical teams in Europe, Australia and New Zealand with a career spanning roles in software engineering, IT Consulting and leadership that started at IBM.

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