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Frankli eBook - Everything You Need to Know About Holding 1 to 1s
Everything You Need to Know About Holding 1:1s

Effective 1:1s are a key component of modern leadership. Every meeting will be different, and you need to know how best to approach them. From understanding the obstacles facing an individual with one of their goals to their experience of the company, it’s vital you get the insight needed for optimum progression.

Distributed teams-ebook
The Distributed Teams Support Series

A successful people leader needs to be able to lead online effectively as well as offline. But it’s not a direct transfer of skills, or without its challenges, especially when it was never the plan. That’s why we created this all-in-one resource for managing remote working teams to help you in making the transition. It’s our most comprehensive guide to date so you can best connect, support and align your people regardless of their location.

OKRs – How to Reach Goal Setting Goals

Everyone wants to achieve their goals. Not everyone knows the best way how. There is a way to keep your people in the centre of your company’s goal-setting, reap the benefits of achieved aims as well as having happier people. It’s time to learn the balance, and it starts with Objectives and Key Results.

Frankli - 10 Ways To Empower Your People
10 Ways to Empower your People

As a people leader, empowering your people is a crucial component of your company’s success. But how do you empower them in the first place?

In this eBook ’10 Ways to Empower Your People’, you’ll find 10 practical and actionable approaches to doing just that.

Frankli eBook 03 - Continuous Feedback - The Complete Playbook for People Leaders
The Complete Playbook on Continuous Feedback

No matter from which angle we search for the answer, we keep coming back to the feedback process. Continuous feedback is the solution to many business woes as it improves communication, structure and goal alignment as well as supporting engagement, performance and progression. In this eBook we examine the process, it’s benefits and how to get started.