Give & receive the feedback that fuels growth

 Build a feedback culture that promotes the great things your people do while also providing constructive feedback to help them improve.


No more waiting for the annual performance review.

Real-time continuous feedback
All feedback in one place

Give, request and store all feedback in one place. In doing so your people have regular context on the things that are going well and also need improving.

When it comes to performance, having the information you need at hand leads to fairer, faster review cycles.

Make Praise Public

Recognise the great work of your people in the real-time, align this with your companies values and make it publicly available to everyone in the organisation.

Regular feedback helps your people grow and improves overall engagement.

Make Praise Public

Collaborate and agree on a two way agenda with your people before meeting. During the One-to-Ones, take shared and private notes and access all the information you need in a single view to enhance the conversation.

Constructive peer feedback
Encourage peer feedback to fuel growth

Peer feedback provides your people with a clear process to help each other improve how they get work done, both individually and together.

With a consistent framework for peer feedback, everyone can contribute and benefit from this process.

Feedback that fuels growth