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Frankli – Creating a Culture of Connectivity

To achieve success with a focus on improving company culture, you need people to feel connected to what they do and why they do it. We’re talking buying into the company because everything they are about aligns with what the company is all about too. Sure, in theory, that’s what’s happening during the recruitment process, but it’s not always the case when the new employee and company combine. So when employees start to disengage, HR are expected to deal with the problem and senior management haven’t the capacity to keep in tune with what’s happening on the ground – it’s time to change the culture of a company.

How do you go about improving company culture?

With Frankli.

A revolutionary digital platform, Frankli increases employee engagement and productivity and is designed to tackle this precise problem. What makes it different? It’s people led in the greatest of ways. It not only adopts to the qualities you hired employees for in the first place but aids them in flourishing. It’s also the kind of ‘easy to use’ that means it’s subtly weaved into the way everyone already works rather than a new piece of software that must be harshly implemented. Let’s look at what Frankli means to different people in your office starting with those who are the most fundamental to every organisation.

The Employee

Frankli starts with you; the people hired in the first place to build and run this company. It’s finally time to excel by allowing you to take ownership of your role within it. Frankli will enable you to log onto and create your profile. Everyone at your workplace is on it so you can easily access who is who and know how everyone fits into the overall structure. It’s the place where goals are logged and progress documented. It’s also so much more. You can select your hobbies and interests, you might have some in common with other employees helping you widen your network, and it’s also a place where you can give or receive feedback as well as praise. It’s the core pitstop for everything you need to know as well as where you can create your own professional goals and ensure they are met. It’s a space that encourages you to flourish in your work alongside everyone else, together. It’s your new community.

The HR Manager

When it comes to a drop in morale, productivity, performance and employee engagement, there will be knocks on your door. Everyone wants the overnight solution, the short term fix or the quick win but you know, that’s not how this works. Time and time again, you are up against the same underlying issues but when it comes to that quarterly meeting, saying the real change needs to come from within the employees – while you are looking at the budget and impending deadlines – the challenge can sometimes feel insurmountable. Introducing Frankli to your workplace means you can get real-time oversight of how everyone is doing through lightweight engagement surveys. Having everything in the one place not only makes this type of crucial information accessible, it keeps things transparent. Turn insights into actions and use the feedback from your people to drive improving company culture.

Senior Management

As one of the bosses, you are always on the go, in meetings and the phone never stops beeping. That’s why when it comes to being on the ground listening to the woes of those you were excited to hire, finding time is a challenge. Even more so, when you are presented with the figures on productivity and engagement, you are wondering how you are going to bridge the gap as well as how soon is it possible. Frankli allows you to dip in and out at any stage to see where and how everyone is operating within your company. You can check on who’s holding regular 1:1’s with their team, what goals are on target, who are achieving their targets or who might need some support and all from the comfort of your device. Endless meetings and calls can instead be brief Frankli updates and reminders with all that saved time going back into the company. This inestimable kind of connectivity and oversight should not be a luxury for your business, but an essential.

Changing the culture of a company isn’t easy, but with Frankli, it can be a lot easier. To get the kind of results you seek, people need to feel like they are actively part of something meaningful. It’s not enough to assume everyone feels like a member of a community just because they are in the same workforce. That’s why Frankli is a people-centred platform with people-centred results. It’s about the professional being personal in a time where both have never been more intertwined. Frankli isn’t about taking a leap; it’s about narrowing the gap so improving company culture is no longer as big a task as it seems. You’ll get to experience the result of tremendous transformation, without feeling the dramatic shift.

Frankli is all about big thinking, small actions and a massive return by simply keeping your company connected.If you’re serious about improving Company Culture, contact us today.


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