Frankli Keeps Your Company Connected

In this piece we’re going to explore all things Employee Engagement and how Frankli keeps your company connected. We all know the feeling. It’s your first day of work and the excitement that has stayed with you since you found out you got the job is rapidly mixing with fear in a unique internal emotional cocktail. Deep down, you know you’re a good fit for the job and the company’s values appear to align with your own. They did hire you after all but there is suddenly so much more to this than the work. No more than a young teenager making the transition to secondary school, it’s not the ‘work’ they’re worried about, but the wider social elements of it all. Will I fit in? Will I be any good at my job? Will this have been worth the move? Will I be happy? Very quickly, concerns you had when you applied for the role such as salary and career progression are suddenly replaced by worries around inclusion.

Before you know it, you’re being introduced to people at a mile a minute, you feel like remembering even !1name would be a miracle. Then there’s getting your head around the company’s internal and external structures, communication processes and how your department works – all these unfamiliar surroundings in which you hope to soon leave your mark. There’s that excitement again. It appears every now and again, usually when you are met with a kind face. You know there will be a day that you’ll know everyone’s name as you walk down the hall but it’s not today and it feels like an eternity away when another name lands in your ear. The flipside of this truly unique time is you are the freshest eyes in the office and it’s so important for companies to harness and utilise that. You’re also full of ideas.You can see things from another perspective and not only that, you feel inspired by all of this. You are gearing up to lead teams, create change, implement improvements, make friends, create value and be valued. There’s that excitement again, only this time it’s bursting to come out and take over.

We have all also been there, where time passes and enthusiasm wanes. Your light dims. You don’t even seem to have any ideas anymore. You think it’s you but there is actually no place for them in your environment, so you stopped coming up with them. That’s not how they do things here. What started out like a melting pot of colour has become a grey environment. You don’t even remember that feeling. Then you start to wonder why you came here in the first place, why did you uproot your life and come all this way? For what? This? It doesn’t feel so good here anymore. Maybe it’s not what you thought it was. Maybe you’re not the right fit. Maybe it’s time to move on.

But what if there was a better way?

Imagine this. It’s your first day and you’re filled with the same bundle of feelings as above, that weird combination of joy and dread. This time, however, as part of your induction, you’re told if you do nothing else today, just make sure you set up your Frankli account. This, you are told is the central platform used by everyone in the company and it’s the link to everything you need to know. Frankli keeps your company connected.

Frankli, got it. That you can remember, especially if it’s the home of answers.

You log on and turns out it is. You have your own profile, select your hobbies and interests, you can easily find everyone else in the company as well as what you have in common with them. It’s where all regular events occur, feedback and praise shared, a place to set your own personal goals alongside the company’s so everyone can easily work together towards the same intended outcomes. It’s nice to see a company adopting a culture where there is space for your personal interests and your professional goals, a place where they matter. Suddenly you don’t feel quite so overwhelmed. Instead, you feel supported and empowered. This place has space for your ideas, your efforts, your aims and your passion. You cannot wait to get started and you do. Time passes only this time, you advance in the ways your wide-eyed newbie self had hoped. You become part of the company’s community and everyone wins. Taking this job was one of the best decisions you have made.

That’s what Frankli is all about.Frankli keeps your company connected.


For the managers out there, it’s a people-centred platform which keeps employees engaged and productive. For employees, Frankli doesn’t just give you a voice, it gives you a place to use it as well as being heard. It shows you that you are valued, every day. It’s the ultimate alignment of individual professional goals with those of the company. It’s no longer a case of hiring a person who can mould into a certain shape but allowing the employee and the entire workforce as a whole to form their own. It’s about creating a community where the amazing qualities employees were hired for can flourish. It’s about everyone having a place at the company table and Frankli is the chair that keeps them there.
If you’d like to know more and learn how Frankli keeps your company connected, get in touch today.
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