Human side of technology

The Human Side of Technology

Let’s talk about why it’s never been more important to be human in our approach to technology. In the words of Steve Jobs: “Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.” It’s the last part of this we’d like to focus on, giving your people what they need to thrive.

This is how we see our software. The real magic happens when you give people access to our product; that’s when things come alive. Why? Because it’s the connector often needed to bring your people together and cohesion and flow to company processes as well as everyone’s work. Frankli personalises your people’s professional experience. We achieve this by being a people led platform designed with the person at its core. Let’s explore why this is important and never more so than now.

The World of Wellbeing

Wellbeing is a word that has in recent times saturated our newsfeeds, policy documents and our lives; and we needed it to. It isn’t just another fad, it’s real, and we as people leaders, we need to act accordingly. It has never been more vital than in the time we are in now, to be people responsive. You can see the changes in work environments across the globe; what people want from work has changed, and it’s not just a generational attribute. People want purpose, they want flexibility, they want a better work-life balance, and they’re looking at the bigger picture.

At Frankli, we have answered these calls by promoting wellbeing. We do this by eliminating the stress caused by inconsistencies in people management. From regular 1:1s and surveys to real-time feedback and giving people access to your people directory and organisational chart as examples, we take away frustrations by centralising the system for everyone and making everything consistent and easy to use.

Individual Vs Community

Many people are focused on how their company can benefit them as well as what they can do for their company. We recognise this individual ambition and encourage it. Goal setting is a key feature of our product with your people able to create their individual goals and align them with team and company goals. Their upskilling desires are also supported through the mentoring feature of our software. It facilitates internal mentoring, which has a positive return for both the mentor and the mentee.

However, to achieve success, we need the community effort. That’s where we combine the two as connectivity is central to what we do. Everyone has been working in their specific role, and Frankli brings them together on one central transparent platform led by them. Here they can share their interests, give and receive feedback in real-time and feel part of an active team. Our product allows for the desired singularity benefits in conjunction with being part of a community which companies, as well as your people, need. No one has to choose between the two, with our product, they both co-exist and are mutually beneficial.

Tackling the Overwhelming

A contributor to imbalance is being overwhelmed. And when it comes to technology, many people are feeling it. There are too many notifications. If it’s not texts or calls, it’s our emails, and if it’s not that, it’s our social media. It’s endless. When we have to keep switching between them and respond, it negatively impacts our productivity. However, there are some we make time for and are happy to see. It’s usually the ones we have a vested interest in. The ones that bring us a positive return, usually ones linked to joy and that comes through many forms; whether it’s via progress and achievement or connection and collaboration.

People have enough digital alerts they don’t want to receive, and we have no desire to be another proposed solution passively consumed. That’s why we have designed our software in a way that gives you and your people full control. Frankli is personal. Everyone has their people profile and their individual dashboard. We don’t want to be another distraction. We want you to actively engage in a software solution that means something to you because it supports what you are trying to achieve.

Let’s Be Real

So how do we encourage this more human approach to tech? By being real. Authenticity isn’t another branding buzz word for us; it’s how we operate. The way we think about our product is about personalisation. This is evident in our tailored live demos for potential clients, or our conversational approach to our helpdesk. This approach is vital because it is who we are as people. It’s the foundation of trust-building in business, and is what we do for our clients, build trust among their people through transparency and support. It has also got to do with how we position ourselves in your company. We link, and by linking, we create connectivity, and that’s the real human side of tech.

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