Make better People Decisions

When it comes to the challenges of management, time on the ground can be one of them. Frankli allows you to see how everyone is operating within your company, helping you identify how to best support them and at a time that suits you best. Endless meetings and calls can instead be brief Frankli updates with all that saved time going back into the company.

Key features for Managers

Regular and real-time

Frankli helps managers get feedback from their team all year round through professional lightweight, targeted engagement surveys. Encourage your people to take action and share any relevant, constructive criticism, ideas or praise when it suits them.

Set clear expectations

Frankli supports goal setting using OKRs and helps individuals align goals with both department and company goals. As a manager get a complete view of your teams’ progress against all their goals in one place. Goal setting in Frankli is inclusive, transparent and measurable.

Publicly showcase great work

Frankli gives you visibility into all public praise & recognition across your team, while also creating a way for you to celebrate individual as well as team wins across the company. Great work and rewards are worth sharing in real-time when it matters most.
Praise received

Enhance the conversation

In Frankli, organising regular 1 to 1’s with your people is made easy. Collaborate on a shared agenda and set the cadence for a meeting. Capture shared notes and next steps during the event itself. It’s all about regular, productive conversations with your people.
Now you have the tools to enhance this process.


Actionable Insights

Easy access real-time insights and reports that help you quickly and accurately make
strategic, data-driven decisions on business-critical activities. With Frankli, take the guesswork out of how your people feel and how your business is performing.
Move from re-active management to pro-active leadership.

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