My work experience as an Intern at Frankli

My Experience as an Intern at Frankli

My name is Daire, and I am just finishing my third year of a four-year honours BSc in computing course at IT Sligo. I began working at Frankli as an intern since early April as part of my work placement, and the experience has been great so far. I’ve found it really interesting to learn all about the stack we use and have been enjoying putting my skills to use in something that will get used by others and isn’t just another assignment or project. At first, It was a challenge getting used to the structure of the product, but the others helped get me up to speed. Luckily, I had already been using Angular a fair bit, so once I learned where the different components and services were and what they did, the rest came pretty quickly.

My first day as an intern involved getting my laptop and all my accounts set up. After that, I got my first big task; to recreate the signup UI based on some designs. This signup went through many iterations, which helped me to learn how the QA process worked. I had to change how I usually would have created this page because of browser compatibility issues with the method I was most familiar using.  There was a lot of back and forth between Noel and me until the page was up to standard. Once the signup was complete, I had to make the rest of the app consistent with the new designs. I updated all of the icons to the latest version of FontAwesome and replaced any of the 7-Stroke icons with their FontAwesome equivalent. I also changed any existing inputs to use the new style I had created for signup.

My second task as an intern was to style all the error screens for the user profile like ‘user not found’, ‘has not completed signup’ and ‘not invited’. It was easy enough as it was just a message and a small image for each. Next, I created a new page which displayed all the users’ notifications on a full page. This also included a redesign of the notifications on the dashboard. The existing notifications panel and dropdown were changed so that no more than four would show at a time and if there were more, it would prompt the user to ‘See all’ and bring them to the page mentioned above. Most of the rest of my work has been fixing issues that came with replacing all the icons and inputs like icons not showing and inputs not displaying error messages correctly. These were all relatively simple fixes.

The latest thing I’ve been working on as part of my work as an intern has been inline editing for goals; so instead of opening a separate window for editing the goal, the creator can change the goal title, priority or end date from the main goal information page. As a result of all the work I’ve been doing as an intern, I have developed my skills using angular and creating pages which will work on all browsers. Aside from this, I’ve also become more accustomed to working on a schedule and to deadlines. This was also my first experience in an office environment. I like the relaxed atmosphere here and haven’t felt too stressed out while doing my work. I’ve been getting along well with the others which we have similar interests, and they’re not too much older than me. I’ve been enjoying my time at Frankli as an intern so far, in particular, doughnut Tuesday, which is the highlight of my week.:) 

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