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Our 3 Es for Success – Establish, Empower, Engage

There are three fundamental principles on which we built our product and we believe are essential to every company wishing to be successful. We call them the 3 Es; establish, empower, and engage. We don’t hide the fact that we are a people-centred organisation who exist because we believe your people matter the most in your organisation. You have a duty far beyond the essentials once they become part of your team to help them, help themselves and the company. What do they need to thrive? The right environment, the right company culture. One where they have freedom, support and the tools needed to progress. If you give these to them, not only will they grow but so will your business. But you have to start at the beginning as they say. You must begin with a plan, and this brings us to the first of the three Es.

1. Establish

Let’s start with establishing. In our case, it’s about establishing consistent, impactful routines – that’s what our software does for your people and your company. How do we do this? By implementing practices such as shared goal setting and supporting regular 1:1’s around achieving them, both developmental as well as operational ones. It becomes a consistent progress driver. It also ensures people know where they stand, what to expect, and the expectations of them. It sets in motion a professional process that grounds people, gives them stability and makes them feel supported. This solid foundation and clarity limits confusion and time-wasting when it comes to productivity.

Feedback in real-time is an excellent example of the benefit of establishing an effective routine. It has positive knock-on effects for everyone involved. It allows for acknowledgement and the feeling that comes with it, celebrating the wins at the time they happen, and striking when the information is most likely to have the intended as well as lasting impact. It brings regularity to your work system.

Regular check-ins would be another example. They support the establishment of routines and mean that people are expecting you to connect in with them, and it will only positively deepen relationships. Linking-in ensures you have the best oversight as well as insight into what is happening for your people. You then know when to intervene, support or guide as required ensuring your people and priorities are getting attention and action.

The area of establishing is where you lay down the structural foundations, and consistency is vital alongside this. You can then build on it and create a space where everyone can operate smoothly, supporting a positive workflow.

2. Empower

In the words of author Deni Waitley: “Real power comes from empowering others.” If you want to get the best from your people, you have to empower them. Start by giving them some autonomy over their work. Allow them to put their stamp on it. Our product supports this by giving people the option to have their own profile with several benefits.

For example, it’s an opportunity for them to connect with others and share their interests and what’s important to them both professionally and personally. They can also set their own work goals alongside the company’s ones. Having this kind of involvement in the company’s goal-setting will cement a feeling of being part of a team to achieve common goals and most importantly, a sense of value where every person’s contribution matters.

More structured and therefore, constructive 1:1s focused on the shared agenda are needed in most work environments and our software supports this. Centering meetings on progression makes them less likely to veer off track. It empowers not only your people but also you, as a people leader. Our platform also acts as a signpost for mentoring. It links people together for coaching, and upskilling. This utilises the talent you have in-house to advance others and also encourages people to professionally develop, which is a natural empowerment tool.

Most importantly, Frankli gives your people a voice, a space to use it and one where they are heard. This is what empowered people look like. Knowing their contribution is valued by the organisation as well as having access to the appropriate channels to share ideas, express concerns, praise and constructive feedback among peers and their people leaders. This results in an active work community where people seek out feedback on their contribution. If want to know more about this area specifically, we recently launched an eBook called the ‘10 Ways to Empower Your People’ which is free to download. Now for the third and final E.

3. Engage

If you initiate the above steps, your people will naturally engage. Establishing can be likened to planting the seed, empower is the tree trunk and engage is it in bloom. This approach brings your company together in a way that connects everyone and is one of the founding reasons for Frankli. By providing a platform for people to get actively involved in setting their own goals and working towards the company’s one, it will align everyone. Not only that, it creates a sense of community, and it’s the right kind of company culture that holds on to your people.

When it comes to performance at work, people are tired of hearing the same talk but seeing no action. Frankli is about follow-through. That’s one of the main ways you build trust by being reliable. Crucially, engagement leads to productivity and happier people. By following these three principles, our company and early intervention software provide a framework in which to operate and gets delivered through Frankli. If you build them in this way, you can implement a cohesive, fluid, long-term structure that supports getting the best out of your people for your company.

If you would like to hear how we can help you with establishing the three Es in your business, get in touch with Ronan from Team Frankli today.

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