Recipe for success to increasing productivity

The 3 Ingredients for Productivity

Everyone wants the recipe for productivity success, but more than that, everyone wants to know the fastest way to achieve it. However, we all know the difference between the microwaveable version and the freshly made meal. Compromising on cooking time risks spoiling the dish, not to mention the impact it has on the ingredients.

When it comes to your people and their productivity, the same applies. Like any blend, the components need to complement one another, and quick fixes burn out, so it’s worth taking the time to implement a strategy that works for both. We use a method that increases productivity, with just three easy steps, starting with the main piece.


As always, begin with your people. People are the cornerstone for our recipe for productivity success.They are rightly at the core of your company, and you can lead out from there. No doubt you’ve picked the best ones for your business, but then you must invest in them, get to know them, inspire them and encourage them. Without your people, there is nothing in this mixing bowl.
In the words of business coach Brad Sugars: “Business is all about relationships…how well you build them determines how well they build your business.” We want to take this a step further, by not only working on building the important relationship between you and your people but provide them with a platform for relationships between each other to blossom. This kind of connectivity for productivity is crucial. Forming these bonds advances teams, breeds a sense of safety for expression and new ideas which all work towards increasing productivity and leads us nicely to our next ingredient.


It’s vital you provide the place for your people to connect. You need to for all of the above to happen. Our product provides this space digitally, but it must be reflected in your company too. There are a couple of elements to this. By bringing people together and allowing everyone to have their online Frankli profile, you are not only providing the place for people to link and meet like-minded individuals but to be themselves. It’s the perfect balance between their personal and professional lives. These factors lead to empowerment and in turn, aid productivity. You can also support people in coming together by providing and involving them in company activities; from goal setting, to office nights out, it’s all about creating the place and space for your people to interact, take action and thrive.

For your people, knowing the place they are operating is also key. For example, we have a feature that gives everyone access to the overall company structure so they can see how it works and where they fit into it. By knowing your position, where everyone else sits and the different channels of communication, it allows greater professional accessibility and removes obstacles to progress. Place is a fundamental part of our overall recipe for success.


Then you’ll need to add pathways for progression. Some people are genuinely content as they are, but others will want to feel they can grow within your company. If they don’t have opportunities to advance their skills, they are more likely to go elsewhere. People need support when it comes to their growth, and naturally, your company will benefit from the return. One way of facilitating this follows on from everyone knowing who is who within your company. You likely have people with various levels of skills in house, so you can connect people for mentoring. Frankli facilitates this internal mentoring and coaching which coincides with the trend towards more peer or micro-learning opportunities. Better still, this immediately removes any barriers to people connecting for their advancement.

Creating this sense of belonging through communication can also be fostered through recognition, another key component in our overall recipe for productivity success. Giving praise and acknowledgement for efforts and accomplishments is a no brainer, but don’t wait for the annual review. If you achieved something, you don’t want someone coming back to you months later with an outdated congrats. It feels like they forgot or it wasn’t very high on their list of priorities, feeding further into the unwanted sense of disconnection. We’ve built feedback in real-time into our software to avoid this kind of breakdown and to ensure recognition is happening when it should.


When you mix all of these together, over the right length of time, the final result will be productivity, our recipe for success. You can now see the value in bringing people together, providing them with space as well as growth opportunities and how it leads to this result. In addition to this, and the wonderful knock-on effects of this approach is it fosters a sense of community, empowerment and progression, and this feeds nicely into creating and embedding the right kind of company culture. The best part is, you can start implementing this today by taking small steps, consistently to bring your productivity goals into fruition.

If you want help to increase productivity in your company and arrive at our overall recipe for success, get in touch with us today.

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