The Top 6 Features of Frankli

Our platform has an array of features that increase productivity and employee engagement. However, when asked about it, it’s a challenge to decide which aspects might be more attractive to some over others. There are pieces of our software that would appeal more to an executive than an employee working on the ground for example. We have a section for people interaction and space to see the overall structure of the company; and where everyone fits into it so there is something relevant to every member of your team.

We decided to put together a list of our top 6 favourite features of Frankli. So whether you are a stable of the office, a remote worker or HR manager, these features will work towards making your professional life easier, better integrated and more importantly, better connected.

1. Profiles

Let’s start with the essential part of your workplace; it’s people. Frankli personalises the professional side of your life by giving you a profile and letting you fill out your hobbies and interests. It means the entire workforce unite under the one digital umbrella and allows everyone to connect based on their shared interests, regardless of the position they hold within the company.

2. Feedback

There isn’t always the opportunity to share thoughts, ideas, experiences, feedback and praise in a workplace outside of the scheduled formats such as meetings. It can often result in great ideas lapsing or people missing out on celebrating wins at that time they happen, which is the time to mark them. The feedback feature will allow all of this to happen in real time which means striking while the creative iron is hot and ensuring people are recognised for their achievements when they would appreciate them most.

3. Goals

One great feature of Frankli is the goals section. It encourages every employee to create personal goals which can be marked as private if they wish. Everyone can also see all department goals as well as company goals. Having these all in the same space allows for greater alignment of company aims and encourages growth across all departments.

4. Surveys

Having a simple and accessible means of creating lightweight surveys, compiling data and sharing results is an invaluable asset to any company. Getting direct feedback from your people in an area you wish to advance, gives you the insight needed to grow in the right direction.

5. Meetings

Preparation is vital when it comes to meetings. This feature on Frankli allows for both manager and employee to add to a shared agenda, so both know in advance what to expect. It allows for more effective communications, clearer aims and objectives and overall, a better experience and more productive use of meeting time.

6. Connect

Connecting with your colleagues is a vital part of creating a great company culture. With Frankli, whether you want to learn a new skill, socialise or get a mentor, you can achieve all of this by using the connect feature on our platform.

If you would like to see how Frankli can benefit your company and see what feature you like best, you can request a free demo today.